Integrating physiology, behavior, and evolution to understand the consequences of global change (地球規模変化の結果を理解するための生理学、行動学、進化学の統合)

Dr. Alex R. Gunderson (University of California,Tulane University)

  • 日時: 7月13日(金) 16:30 - 18:00
  • 場所: 地学・生物共通講義室 (青葉山キャンパス)

Abstract: What strategies have evolved to allow organisms to cope with different environmental conditions, and how do different strategies influence the vulnerability of populations to global change? These are the questions my research program seeks to answer by focusing on fundamental physiological, behavioral, and evolutionary processes in animals. To highlight my approach, I will present research on two different systems: tropical lizards and temperate intertidal crabs. I will demonstrate how physiological plasticity may have limited potential to buffer ectotherms from thermal change, how individual variation in physiology and behavior can influence population responses to fluctuating environments, and the importance of physiological divergence among taxa for maintaining community-level diversity. My goal is to emphasize how detailed, integrative studies can provide broad insight into the effects of global change on ectotherm populations. .

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