Date: 17-21 August 2009
Place: Kawatabi  Seminar Center of Tohoku University, Kawatabi, Osaki, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
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Fee: The Global COE program “Center for Ecosystem Management Adapting to Global Change” and Tohoku University, Japan will provide funding to pay the travel (economy travel) and attendance costs for all accepted participants.
Organizers: Jotaro Urabe and Jim Elser
Postdoctoral Organizing Committee: Nathan Morehouse, Hideyuki Doi, Jonas Persson, and Angelica Gonzalez
Workshop schedule
Please send the following materials to Hideyuki Doi at
A 1-2 page cover letter describing your past, ongoing, and/or planned works in ecological/biological stoichiometry or related fields, and what you hopes to contribute to the workshop.
A 2-page curriculum vitae
Application deadline is February 15, 2009.
If you have any questions or need further details, please feel free to contact  Hideyuki Doi (
To apply the workshop
Links for additional informations
Woodstoich 2009 is the second Woodstoich workshop on ecological and biological stoichiometry. The scientific “happening” is targeted for postdoctoral and advanced PhD studuents who are working on any aspect of ecological/biological stoichiometry in any type of ecosystem or with any type of organism. The Global COE program “Center for Ecosystem Management Adapting to Global Change” and Tohoku University (Japan) are providing funding to pay the travel and attendance costs for all accepted participants.
3-4 interdisciplinary working groups consisting of accepted participants will work for several months via the Internet to develop a novel analysis (conceptual review, theoretical analysis, meta-analysis) related to stoichiometry and prepare a draft of a manuscript. The collaboration studies will be encouraged to become basis for understanding biological adaptation and developing ecosystem managements (in a broad sense) under global change. The manuscripts will be finalized during the workshop in Japan and receive 24-h peer-review for possible publication in  Oikos.  (You can see Oikos papers from the first Woodstoich conference here. LINK)
Key features of the event
Interdisciplinary working groups
5 Days for finalizing the paper on a novel theme of stoichiometry
Ultra-rapid publication via Oikos
Dr. David Raubenheimer
And you can enjoy Japanese cultures....
Onsen (hot spring)
Snow Monkeys
Japanese foods, sushi, soba....
Ecological/Biological Stoichiometry Workshop for Young Scientists, Japan, August 17-21 2009
A program of the Global COE, “Center for Ecosystem Manegement Adapting to Global Change”, Tohoku University